Your Name Here!

we are always on the look out for fabulous new talent at perfectly queer. our ultimate goal is to represent all kinds of fabulous talent that lives under our beautiful queer rainbow.

transparency is at the core of perfectly queer. the nature of this industry is always changing and bookings generally come in waves. one minute it's quiet, then suddenly we are booked out. this is perfectly normal.

we want to set the correct expectation, especially in our early days of the business, that whilst we would love to have you on our contact list, bookings will be at times sporadic.

we rely on your commitment to share our social posts, tag us online, spread the word with your friends and family. the more word of mouth we can generate, the more bookings we will get and the more work you will get too!

so reach out to our instagram if you are keen to get on board. at the moment we are looking for experienced talent located on Wurundjeri land (also known as victoria, australia). bonus points if you have your own transport too as sometimes the bookings we get are in regional locations!

thanks for your interest and support in perfectly queer, we cant wait to meet you!

love, pq xo