Moxie Delite


They’ve got it, you want it – MOXIE!

Smashing into the spotlight with a message as bold as their makeup, draglesque clown Moxie Delite weaves story and campery to change minds and break rules. Not content with just performing to the extremes of horror and humour, Moxie also produces cabaret freakshow, Cirque de Moxie, and hosts the compelling online forum Deliteful Discussions, bringing together a huge variety of cabaret talent to chat and challenge the drag status quo. Smart is sexy, and don’t they know it- Moxie also teased their way to take the title of Burlesque Muse Melbourne in 2021.

In every performance, Moxie strips back- sometimes clothes, sometimes skin, sometimes your every expectation for drag and burlesque. Wonderfully weird, *Delitefully* debauched and creatively camp, hold tight for Moxie Delite – NO WEAKNESS. NO WARNING. NO WIG.