Della Katessen


She’s beauty and she’s grace. She has glitter on her face.

“If you think you know what a Drag Queen is, you haven’t met Della.” - Jesus Christ

“There are Drag Queens and then there is Della Katessen.” - Beyonce

“Stop stealing my makeup” - Della’s Mum

Della Katessen is a Drag Queen from Naarm (Melbourne), Australia. Delivering the most fabulous online events to the world!

Della is a fabulous mix of your favourite auntie, your sassy work wife, your bestie who loves a champagne with breakfast and your quirky neighbour who just cant keep her nose out of everyones business. Della is the creation of Aza Coward who has had over 15 years experience in media and event management. It’s only in recent times that he has discovered the “joys” of wearing makeup and a dress. Aza’s previous media & radio experience includes on air gigs at Nova, Mix & Fresh FM. He has also graced such roles as Announcer, Producer & Manager. Working on live radio has helped him be adaptable and perfect for any kind of audience interaction. Add some glitter and a little chapstick and you’ve got Della. A fabulous woman and the perfect host for corporate events and functions both online and in person. Not your typical queen, Della is also passionate about giving back to the community as a volunteer and ambassador for various charities. In particular St Kilda Mums. She is also a huge advocate for LGBTQIA+ youth and the community at large. She has a wonderfully kind heart and is absolutely the gift that keeps on giving. Whilst 2020 and beyond has been tough for a lot of queer performers, Della has been able to quickly pivot herself to bring her skills to the online world. As soon as she found the ‘improve my appearance’ feature on Zoom she fell in love! Not a single cent has been spent on any advertising, all of her gigs being booked through word of mouth. She has been fortunate enough to entertain the fabulous employees at Mattel, Atlassian, Zendesk,, plus so many more! Don’t forget to be good… or be good at it!