Fabulous Day Drinking Tumbler

Fabulous Day Drinking Tumbler


You simply are not ready for this darling.. Introducing the Fabulous Day Drinking Tumbler or FDDT for short.


Just rolls off the tongue doesn't it?


This non tapered tumbler is going to be your new bestie. She will keep your hot drinks piping hot and your cold drinks ice cold thanks to her stainless steel double lining.


Don't let the photos deceive you, she's a Tumbler designed for people who love to keep hydrated! She is 20cm Tall (that's 8 Inches tall for all the gay boys) with a 7cm Opening (~3"). The straw is 25.5cm (~10"). NOTE: A standard bottle of wine is 750ml and this tumbler can hold 600ml. So that means she is perfect for those early morning Zoom meetings!


A sparkly white matte finish on the outside with a hot pink Della Logo & the iconic Della Signature, it's going to look beyond stunning in your hand, on your desk or in your oversized clutch purse.


But wait, there's more... the most fabulous thing about these tumblers, much like Della herself, is that they CHANGE COLOUR when they are out in the sun. Yes ma'am. Choose from either Pink or Blue, or try your luck with the 'lucky dip' option and I'll send out a random tumbler from the collection. You can have your very own genital reveal party!


We ain't done yet honey... when the lights go out, she also GLOWS IN THE DARK. Talk about a versatile tumbler to suit tops, bottoms and everyone in between!


The Day Drinking Tumbler comes with a PLASTIC REUSABLE STRAW (sorry, not sorry Greta Thunberg) and a RUBBER SEALED SLIDE OPEN/CLOSE LID thing. This means there should be no accidental spillage of your 'Mummy/Daddy Juice' (which is code for wine and/or any other hard liquor you are currently chugging). There is also an additional RUBBER BASE to stop her sliding around when she has had too many...


NOTE: We don't recommend using the lid when you have hot liquids in there darling, because she might pop off sis! It goes without saying, be bloody careful if using hot liquids. You can't sue me, I'm a poor Drag Queen and I've got NO MONEY! LEL. True story.


Flat $10 shipping in Australia (by courier) and Free Shipping for any orders over $50!

Like all my fabulous merchandise, there are limited quantities available. Get yourself one before they all sell out for good.


Della xo